Thank you for your interest in the NJ HomeSaver Program.

The New Jersey HomeSaver Program offers eligible homeowners up to $50,000 in financial assistance to help bring their household monthly payment to an affordable level by using Hardest Hit Fund funds to facilitate a refinance, recast, or permanent modification of the first mortgage loan.

The program is funded through a federal grant from the United States Treasury's Hardest Hit Fund, awarded to states most impacted by unemployment and underemployment. The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA) is the official administrator of the program for the State of New Jersey.

Do I Qualify?

You may be a good candidate for this program if you are a homeowner who:

  • Has severe negative equity*
  • Has or will be facing a significantly higher mortgage payment (due to a rate increase), or
  • Has suffered a financial hardship (such as unemployment or a severe loss of income through no fault of your own) that has caused or will cause you to fall behind on your mortgage payment**


*Severe negative equity is defined as a first mortgage loan-to-value (“LTV”) ratio that is 115% or greater.

**You do not need to be presently behind on your mortgage payments to be eligible for the HomeSaver Program.

How To Apply

If you can answer YES to ALL of the following questions, contact your mortgage servicer to find out if they are participating in the New Jersey HomeSaver program or call the NJ Hardest Hit Fund toll free at 1-855-647-7700.

Can you answer YES to ALL of these questions?

  1. Is your home located in the State of New Jersey?
  2. Is your home your primary residence?
  3. Is your home a one, two or three-unit residential property?
  4. Do you owe no more than $429,619 in total mortgage debt (or, if you have a two-unit or three-unit home, no more than $550,005)?
  5. Is your home the only residential real estate that you own?
  6. Are you clear at this time of any involvement in any bankruptcy application or proceeding?


If your servicer is not participating or you cannot answer YES to ALL six questions above, we encourage you to learn about other New Jersey foreclosure assistance programs that may be able to help you.

Looking for the New Jersey HomeKeeper Program?

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All program funds have been committed and the HomeKeeper Program is closed to new applicants and appeals. If you presently have a HomeKeeper loan and have servicing questions, please call the NJ Hardest Hit Fund toll free at 1-855-647-7700.

Fraud Alert: Homeowners will never be asked to pay a fee for any New Jersey Hardest Hit Fund program. If you are asked to pay a fee or suspect fraud or misrepresentation related to a NJ Hardest Hit Fund program or representative, you are encouraged to contact our office at 1-855-647-7700, or by email at, or at the following mailing address: NJHMFA, 637 South Clinton Ave, P.O. Box 18550, Trenton, NJ 08650, Attn: HHF Program Manager.

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